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Other Reception Items To Consider

Reception Rental Guide Guest Tables

  • 36 inch rounds seat 2-4 guests
  • 48 inch rounds seat 4-6 guests
  • 60 inch rounds seat 8-10 guests
  • 6 ft rectangle seats about 8 guests
  • 8 ft rectangle seats about 10 guests

Cake Tables or Candy Station

  • 36 inch round for either the grooms cake or wedding cake
  • 60 inch round for wedding cake, grooms cake, cupcakes or candy
  • 6 ft rectangle for wedding cake, groom cake, cupcakes or candy

Head Table

Seats bridal Party. Normally rectangular tables placed end-to-end. If using 6 foot rectangular table they will sit either 2-3 on one side.

Sweetheart Table

In place of head table, small table that seats the bride and groom while the rest of the wedding party sits at guests tables. The table could be either 36 inch round or a 6 foot rectangular table.

Buffet Tables

If you have decided on a buffet dinner, you will arrange several beverage or food station tables, such as carving, pastas, beverage, coffee, etc.

Gift Table

Size depends on the number of guests you are expecting.

Guest Book Table

A small table for your reception guest book.


For a seated dinner or buffet, you will need to provide seating for all reception guests. Depending on the chairs at the reception you may need to rent or purchase chair covers separately. Renting white padded folding chairs may also be an option. High Chairs for children should be available from rental companies.

Linens and Chair Covers

Linens and chair covers may be included with your caterer. If needed you may rent linens and chair covers from your wedding venue or you may need to source them elsewhere.


For a formal plated sit-down reception dinner, the tables are usually set with the complete setting. The caterer normally would offer the cost of china in their quote, or if not, you may want to compare rental costs. At a buffet reception the guests serve themselves and plates will be located at the buffet table. China may be desired or you may also compare cost with an upgrade acrylic.


A large tent or canopy may be required for a reception held outdoors to protect you and your guests from sun and or rain. You may need to rent a tent for your caterer to serve from or your buffet. A 20 x 20 tent will accommodate about 40 guests at a sit-down dinner. Take a picture of the site so when you discuss it with the tent rental company they will have a reference. Contact a rental company that is familiar with the wedding venue or they should survey the facility themselves.

Dance Floors

  • The size of the dance floor depends on how many guest you expect. They can range from 12 by 12 up to 20 by 30 feet or larger.
  • Heaters/ Air Conditioners/Fans You may need to rent heaters if your reception will be held outdoors and if the temperature may drop below 65 degrees. There are electric and gas heaters, both of which come in different sizes. Gas heaters are more popular, since they do not have unsafe electric cords. In warmer weather portable AC units and standing fans may be rented for outdoor events.
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