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Stock your bar like a BOSS for your wedding!

It goes without saying how important keeping your guests happy at your wedding is. We at the Pavilion know that YOU are the most important part of the day as the bride and groom, however, guest’s enjoyment from the dancing to the food and drinks, really makes the night a success as well. We get asked ALL the time,"What kind of spirits and how much do I need to stock to have a great bar for the wedding"? We are happy to share with you, the do’s, don’ts and ALWAYS for stocking your bar perfectly!!

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Pink List Spotlight

Wedding reception DJ

This week we are featuring one of our Pink List Member DJ’s! We know that one of the main ingredients for a wedding to be GREAT versus good, is the music! A wedding involves so many emotions, happy, nervous, wildly excited and those are all amplified and hit home with music. When choosing your music and DJ entertainment, be sure to follow a few key points such as, is their equipment up to date, are they still using cassette tapes? Do they have video and reviews from a wedding or event they have DJ’ed in the last month? How responsive are they? Lastly, their style of music; do they know the songs you are mentioning or are they trying to steer your choices in a different direction? With that, let us now introduce you to one of our very own 5 Star awarded DJ’s in the Sarasota, Manatee area, TLS Entertainment!!

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How To Spice Up Your Reception

It seems these days receptions are deemed where the party starts and fun begins! So how do you do just that? With the world of Pinterest at our fingertips there’s a wealth of ideas; that can be good and bad. How do you decide what ideas to keep and what to scrap? Here’s some ways to spice up your reception and tips on how to choose between them.

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